Often, we refer to algae as any flora that can grow in water. Most of the occasions, these are simply aquatic plants, the removal of which is very complex due to the seeds and roots that allow them to sprout again and again. Algae, however, lack stem, leaves, or vascular tissue. The determination of chlorophyll […]

Solar energy has become a solution for our daily energy consumption. For every MWh of solar energy generated, 72,000 km waste from an ordinary car is saved. Just 10 kW installation saves around 20 tonnes of CO2 per year. Figure 1- Emissions (gCO2eq/kWh) depending on the type of energy, according to different publications (Source: The […]

Emica Solar moves several drivers so that the final product is satisfactory not only for customers, but for the environment in which it is installed. In this sense, the YFS product is designed to integrate the photovoltaic system into the environment and, far from harming it, help its development and preservation. There is no point […]

When our industry has rafts for pumping water from its productive activity, we want there to be only water: any excess of algae can cause the maintenance cost to increase. In that case, coating as much surface area as possible ensures that there is neither light nor chlorophyll enough to support life. However, when rafts […]



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