Floating diversity

Emica Solar moves several drivers so that the final product is satisfactory not only for customers, but for the environment in which it is installed. In this sense, the YFS product is designed to integrate the photovoltaic system into the environment and, far from harming it, help its development and preservation. There is no point in creating clean energy if we then forget the beings around us. YFS is a floating platform that serves all of us.

While other proposals are based on lasers and noise generation to stress and repel migratory and native birds, YFS develops areas where these birds can coexist within a respectful structure.

Specifically, the nesting system generates comfort for both migratory and native birds, based on natural nests designed taking under consideration the needs in each location. These components are placed in the vicinity of the solar strings, taking the birds away from the photovoltaic modules, with an immediate reduction in the cost of maintenance. In addition, when native birds inhabit these nests, they can drink and feed their safe in the “island”. Obviously, this does not imply a variation of the ecosystem, since not all birds will nest in the solar plant, so natural predators will continue to have food on dry land.

Emica Solar is currently in talks with associations of ornithologists and environmental entities to study the development of this proposal, from which results are expected in early 2022.


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